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Enhancing our 
Environment with
Riparian Planting

Enhancing our Environment with Riparian Planting

Riparian zones are the land beside a creek, river, lake, or wetland. Planting native grasses, sedges, flaxes, shrubs, and/or trees in riparian zones can improve the health of waterways by filtering nutrients before they reach the water, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and bacteria such as E. coli.

Riparian planting has other benefits too:

  • Enhanced ecosystem health (including habitat for insects) and increased biodiversity

  • Reduced sediment runoff and increased bank stabilisation

  • Provides shade that decreases waterway temperatures (this reduces weed growth and provides stable temperatures for aquatic organisms)

  • Provides shelter for stock

  • Potential recreational opportunities such as fishing and swimming spots


For a copy of the Otago Regional Council Guide to plants that will work best for East and North Otago, CLICK HERE.

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