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The Friston POD

The Friston Pod is an example of farmers clubbing together to address an issue identified at a
specific water Sampling Site.
At a cost estimated to be in excess of $18,000 over a 9 month period, 15 landowners have identified
waterways running through their properties that could become areas of concern depending on a
variety of on farm and weather events. They have identified 13 discharge points and are undertaking
water sampling at each of these points on a fortnightly basis with a view to identifying seasonal
trends and addressing them through changed management practices.  

For further details contact Pod Leader Jeff Thompson  

Phone: 027 432 4005


Friston Group.jpg

Friston Catchment Meeting

A group of farmers in the Friston Catchment discuss potential water sampling sites with Justin Kitto (DairyNZ) before implementing their own testing program with Ravensdown.

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