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Welcome to NOSLaM

NOSLaM (North Otago Sustainable Land Management) is a group driven by farmers keen to improve water quality and promote good pastoral management. The farmers wish to take a proactive leadership role in managing waterways, such as the Kakanui River, to ensure that a holistic approach is taken, encompassing the environmental, economic and social wellbeing of the wider community.

NOSLaM members work together to develop a platform that will encourage and engage all farmers within North Otago to work collaboratively and collectively toward meeting the regulated water quality standard requirements that come into effect in 2020.

Today NOSLaM is actively involved throughout North Otago including the Awamoko, Waiareka and Kakanui Catchment areas  - with groups of farmers (known as ‘Pods’) working together to identify and implement improved, smarter land and water management techniques.

NOSLaM Kakanui Water Catchment Community Project
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By working together at a catchment level farmers are able to achieve environmental improvements at scale. The Kakanui Community Catchment Project is one example of the incredible work farmers are doing in the Central Otago region.


To have an environment that we are proud of,

a vibrant community and

strong agriculture in North Otago.

Click here to read our booklet -
"Land, Water and 2020 - How Will You Be Affected?
An Introduction to NOSLaM"

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