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The Kakanui Pod
Containing 7 Water Sampling Sites, the Kakanui Catchment consists of a wide variety of topographical
formations affecting the style of farming practiced. With this come different issues... different nitrogen
loading allowances to reduce leaching in the flatter areas, runoff in the steeper areas, soil disturbance
from ground cultivation and management to name but a few.

Because of this diversity, the Kakanui Catchment is split into 3 separate Pod Groups, Upper Kakanui which comprises mostly high country farming, Lower Kakanui which takes in the valley floor and comprises predominantly dairy and arable farming with a low Nitrogen loading and the Estuary area.

By separating the catchment into 3, farmers in each of these Pod groups are able to engage and focus solely on what’s happening in their own front yard.

For further details contact NOSLaM Co-ordinator Rob McTague
Phone: 021 194 9597

Kakanui Farmers.JPG

The Kakanui Catchment's First Pod Meeting

42 farms were represented at the Kakanui Catchments first Pod meeting where attendees were introduced to the water quality data available at that time. Randall Aspinall from Mt Aspiring Station was the sessions Key Note Speaker.

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