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Water Monitoring

and Quality


Water Monitoring 

The Otago Regional Council has adopted a water plan with thresholds that both rural and urban

communities have to become aware of and adhere too.
Effective 1 April, 2020, North Otago discharge thresholds have been set as follows:

Between ORC and NOIC, a total of 22 test sites are measured on a fortnightly basis.
The results of that testing can be found by clicking on the button below. 


Click here for the results of the

fortnightly testing

Sampling water quality on your farm 

To find out how to go about sampling water quality on your farm, click on the button below.
You will be taken to the ORC document "A Guide To Water Quality Rules".
An introduction to the water sampling process can be found on page 20 with Sampling
Point Guides from page 23.

Click here to read the ORC document -
"A Guide To Water Quality Rules".

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