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Paddock Selection and Management Before Winter

Grazing of winter feed crops can result in a loss of soil structure and reduced water infiltration, resulting in transportation of sediment, phosphorus (P) and pathogens (such as E. coli) in surface runoff.
This guide discusses paddock selection and Critical Source Area management.

Click HERE for a copy of the Paddock Selection and Management Before Winter Guide.


Winter Forage Management During Grazing: 

Research undertaken by AgResearch in South Otago, as part of the Pastoral 21 Programme, found
that implementing good crop grazing management, as detailed in this factsheet, resulted in:

  • Reduced phosphorus and sediment losses by 80-90%.

  • The cost of lost topsoil and nutrients from winter grazing may be up to $50-$60/ha peryear.

  • Reduced soil compaction in susceptible parts of paddocks, leading to a reduction insurface runoff.

Click HERE for a copy of the Winter Forage Management During Grazing Guide.

Winter Forage Management After Grazing:

Winter forage crop grazing can cause pugging, compaction and long term soil degradation if not
managed properly. This may decrease paddock productivity and can allow nutrients and sediment
to enter waterways.
This guide discusses careful management of paddocks after winter grazing to reduce damage to soil structure and loss in productivity, while reducing further environmental losses that could potentially affect water quality.

Click HERE for a copy of the Winter Forage Management After Grazing Guide.


10 Top Tips For Winter Grazing Of Crops:

Soil is our greatest asset. Holding on to more of it makes good economic sense.
This guide discusses 10 top tips to prevent damage to soil from poor grazing management of winter crops and the subsequent impact on the future productivity of that paddock. Winter grazing of crops is a key source of sediment, nutrient and pathogen loss into waterways from farms.
Reducing losses from winter crops can go a long way to reducing total farm losses.

Click HERE for your 10 Top Tips For Winter Grazing Guide.

Paddock Warrant of Fitness:

This document is a guide to use when considering the planting of winter crop, paddock selection and
the type of grazing that will be undertaken.

Click HERE for your Paddock Warrant of Fitness Guide.

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