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The Waiareka Pod
In the Waiareka catchment, there are 11 Water Sampling Sites sampled by ORC or NOIC every
fortnight. These Sites are located on rivers and tributaries that run through multiple properties some
of which undertake multiple farming practices. Farmers in the catchment area are working together
to identify environmental areas of concern on their land and to identify improved farming practices
to implement to mitigate further water quality deterioration. DairyNZ are currently undertaking a
case study with one of the catchments farmers to assess the aspects of Social, Environmental and
Economical impacts on the farmer as they change and tweak their current management practices.

For further details contact Pod Leader Callum Kingan
Phone: 027 548 5244

Winter Grazing.jpg

Winter Grazing

32 farmers and industry experts attend a session on winter grazing to discuss the good management practices that can be implemented through the use of irrigation systems, farm layout, grazing approaches and other strategies available.

Waiareka Autum Spring.jpg

Managing Autumn and Spring Challenges

25 attendees discuss the Autumn and Spring challenges faced by a low lying dairy property in a session that demonstrated an approach that has been taken to invest in on farm infrastructure to manage their impact.

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