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The Awamoko Pod
The Awamoko Catchment contains 4 Water Sampling Sites on the Awamoko Stream each of which
are sampled by ORC or NOICevery fortnight. Farmers in the catchment area are working together to
identify environmental areas of concern on their land and to identify improved farming practices to
implement to mitigate further water quality deterioration. DairyNZ are currently undertaking a case
study with one of the catchments farmers to assess the aspects of Social, Environmental and
Economical impacts on the farmer as they change and tweak their current management practices.

For further details contact Pod Leader Rhys Hamilton
Phone: 027 431 7077

Awamoko hot spots.jpg

Awamoko Field Day

A group of 24 gather on farm to attend a workshop designed to help identify potential leaching and run off hot spots and talk through practical everyday solutions to mitigate these on farm.

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