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Farm Planning Resources

Noslam Farm Planning Resources

Farm Planning Resources

While there is so much information readily available for farmers today that is presented in an “information format”, it can be very difficult to find simple, ready to use documents that gets you a “to the point summary” of the information you want or helps you plan your next steps in a simple, easy to follow way. The documents you can access on this page are designed to do just that.

Tips for Winter Grazing: 

This document provides tips on what to look out for when planning your paddocks for winter grazing and a template to use to map of your paddock.
HERE for a copy of the Tips For Winter Grazing template.


Farm Walk Check Sheet: 

This document lists key elements to look out for on your farm and provides space to list your 5 top action points to improve your on farm environmental footprint.
HERE for a copy of the Farm Walk Check Sheet template.


On Farm Action Worksheet:

Used in conjunction with the Farm Walk Check Sheet, the On Farm Action Worksheet steps you through your process you set for yourself to follow to accomplish the on farm action you have chosen to undertake.
HERE for a copy of the On Farm Action Worksheet template.


Tips to Good Management Practices:

This document provides good management practice tips for on farm management considerations including dealing with hot spots, erosion control, managing critical source areas, stock management around waterways, irrigation management, effluent management, infrastructure, fertiliser application, biodiversity, riparian management and winter grazing. The information contained in this document are suggestions and recommended practices for managing water quality contaminants.
HERE for your Tips to Good Management Practices information sheet.

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