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NOSLaM for schools.

NOSLaM is engaging with the next generation in schools - welcome to NOSLaM's Ag School.

There is a huge range of opportunities available within the agricultural sector - learn more about some of the options in these videos below.

Kate Macgregor

Kate is a sheep and beef farmer in North Otago, and works privately with farms, assisting them with their soil nutrient and environmental management.
Learn more about her career path here. Password to view this video is: noslam

Sam Sturgess

Sam is a sales agronomist at Wholesale Seeds. Learn more about his role in the company and how he supports farmers to grow crops.

Ag School at Newhaven Farms.

Jane Smith from Newhaven Farms has put together a series of videos to show you all the different elements involved in running their business.

Welcome to Newhaven Farms.

Newhaven Farms - Yard Safety.

Newhaven Farms - Tree Planting.

Newhaven Farms - Cattle Yard Operation.

Newhaven Farms - Weaned Calves / Tussock as an asset/ Pre Lamb Shearing Rationale.

Newhaven Farms - Importance of Ponds/ Tussocks and biodiversity.

Newhaven Farms - The importance of Advisors and Mentors.

Newhaven Farms - Irrigation System Overview.

Newhaven Farms - K Line Irrigation.

Newhaven Farms - Our Secret Underground Baleage Bunkers.

Newhaven Farms - Electronic ID Tags in Action.

Newhaven Farms - Pippy the oldest pet red deer in the world.

Newhaven Farms - The Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

Newhaven Farms - Winter Brassica Crops.

Newhaven Farms - 360 degree view.

Newhaven Farms - Soils, a precious resource.

Newhaven Farms -Nutrients, through Fertiliser.

Newhaven Farms -Ewes in their Mating Mobs.

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