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The NOSLaM Journey

NOSLaM was originally established back in 1994 to address the issues of soil erosion and drought that North Otago farmers were facing at the time. NOSLaM was driven by farmers and funded by the Otago Catchment Board. It became nationally recognised for its achievements during the 1990’s
and early 2000’s for a focus on farming resilience and sustainability – supporting the establishment of no-tillage regrassing, soil conservation, drought tolerant pastures and the first stage of North Otago Irrigation Company were established.

Fast forward to 2013, and a group of farmers who were keen to enhance
the water quality and promote good pastoral management practices reincorporated NOSLaM and at the same time became involved with the Kakanui Community Catchment Project (KCCP) - a three year project managed by New Zealand Landcare Trust working alongside catchment landowners, stakeholders and residents in the Kakanui Village and wider Kakanui Valley catchment.

When this project was completed in 2016, the NOSLaM members decided to remain working together and develop a platform that would encourage and engage all farmers within North Otago to work collaboratively and collectively toward meeting the regulated water quality standard requirements that come into effect in 2020.

Today NOSLaM is actively involved throughout North Otago including
he Awamoko, Waiareka and Kakanui Catchment areas  - with groups of farmers (known as ‘Pods’) working together to identify and implement improved, smarter land and water management techniques.

noslam 1990s folder.jpg

NOSLaM was ahead of the game, even back in the 1990's - with this 'Enviro Ag' folder.
Due to NOSLaM's strong history of environmental leadership, we are driven to forge ahead in a collaborative mission
to make a difference.

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