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The new regulations relating to Intensive Winter Grazing commence on 1 November 2022 and for those that need a consent, these should be in place by 1 May 2023. Intensive Winter Grazing Application forms are now available on the ORC website within an online portal.
When lodging a consent, the deposit will be $1,900. The consents team are aiming to process IWG consent applications as close to the $1900 deposit as possible. The more information you can give them when you submit your application, the less chance there will be of them having to come back with questions.
In the application, a grazing management plan must be included, you need to show the management options (mitigations) you are utilising and these need to evidence that they are in line with best practice methods. They will be looking to see that you have considered things such as grass buffer areas, long + narrow breaks, have avoided erosion-prone land, how you are addressing critical source areas, have a paddock map, photos, etc.

Access your material to draft and lodge your consent by following these links:

1. Click HERE and read the On Screen submission guide.

2. Scroll down and click on " + Intensive Winter Grazing "
3. Here you will find the template for your Intensive Winter Grazing Plan which includes the template for your paddock management and your Application Form which you can fill in on line and Save to your computer.
4. When doing your Paddock Management Plan, you can simplify the process by using the ORC Farm Map software. Locate your farm, then your paddock and take a taking a screen shot of it onto a Word document. Save this as a Master for your paddock. Print it off and write / draw on that. Scan the finished document back onto your computer and name it. (Take a
photo of it and email it to yourself if you don’t have a scanner. On the document where you would normally hand draw your plan just type in “Reference [Paddock Name] Attached”. 

Once completed, email your application to with the application form and paddock plans attached.

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